Dear Friends

I have been invited by The Scout Association (UK) to stand for re-election to the World Scout Committee and I am pleased to announce that I have accepted.

This website provides some useful information about me and my candidature. You will find everything from information about my background, my experiences and my motivation for wishing to serve the Movement as a Member of the World Scout Committee, as well as a note of the many meetings and events that I have attended. You can also contact me, if you have any questions before or during the 41st World Scout Conference.

We are living in exciting times, rapidly changing times and for some young people, increasingly worrying times. We need to reflect that the ambitious challenge set out in Vision 2023, our Strategy for Scouting, continues to be our opportunity to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. We owe it to the youth of the world to act as one, with their concerns and hopes at the centre of our thinking. I very much look forward to discussing these and other issues with NSOs in Azerbaijan.

To keep up-to-date with my news you can ‘like’ me on Facebook, ‘follow’ me on Twitter and ‘laugh’ at me on Instagram! If you’re attending the 41st World Scout Conference you can also ‘talk’ to me and if you believe I have the necessary qualities to make a positive contribution to the future development of Scouting between 2017 and 2020 you can ‘vote’ for me!

I look forward to your interest and support.

Yours sincerely


Craig Turpie
Candidate for World Scout Committee
The Scout Association (UK)


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