Craig’s Motivation

My personal motivation

My motivation is simple. I want to ensure that every young person, regardless of where they live in the world, has the opportunity to access and participate in quality Scouting. The youth programmes they experience must contribute to their educational development and equip them with the critical skills needed to make a difference.

My personal motivation is aligned with Vision 2023, our Strategy for Scouting. Having served World Scouting in various capacities, including as a Member of the World Scout Committee from 2014 to 2017, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges NSOs face in bringing better Scouting to more young people.

Whilst much has been achieved over the past three years, there is more to do. What we do and how we do it will require further innovation in the coming triennium. This will involve making better use of information to ensure we make effective use of our resources, as well as engaging and collaborating with partners in ways that are mutually beneficial.

I have the vision to innovate how we operate, to meet the challenges faced by NSOs and to deliver on the goals set out in the Triennial Plan 2017-2020 and Vision 2023.

My thoughts on issues and opportunities

The most important issues facing World Scouting are articulated in Vision 2023. We must focus on ‘Growth’, further our ‘Influence’ as a leading educational force and ensure we positively ‘Impact’ young people and their communities. We need to do this by harnessing our diversity as a Movement, which in turn contributes to our ‘Unity’. We need to maintain focus on achieving Vision 2023, by further aligning efforts between NSOs, Regions and the World levels, and engaging with relevant partners.

Accelerating the growth of the Movement by providing targeted and sustained support to NSOs should be a focus in the coming triennium. This should include NSOs that have significant growth potential, as identified through GSAT and other data.

Emerging trends in the fields of non-formal education and digital connectivity also present opportunities to further demonstrate our capability as the world’s leading educational youth movement, in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

My Experience and Skills Sets

At Regional and World levels, I have served the Movement as a Member of the European Scout Committee (including as Chairperson from 2007 to 2013). Since 2014 I have served as a Member of the World Scout Committee including as Chairperson of the Strategy Monitoring Group and as Chairperson of the Planning Team for the 2nd World Scout Education Congress.

I have held numerous local adult volunteer roles, mainly in programme, and have held governance, leadership and management roles at UK Headquarters. I was a member of the International Team from 2001 to 2007 and briefly in 2013 as Deputy International Commissioner. I am currently UK Commissioner for Programme.

During my time as Chairperson of the European Scout Committee we grew from 1.2 to 1.8 million, by providing targeted support to NSOs to help them develop and, over time, to grow through the delivery of high quality youth programmes.

My Leadership Style

I have been encouraged by many NSOs to stand as a candidate for re-election to the World Scout Committee. Their belief that I have a strong record in transformational and motivational leadership continues to hearten me. I seek to lead by working with and through others; actively listening, building consensus and agreeing the way forward. These are qualities that will be needed to ensure our strategic ambitions are realised in the coming triennium.

The service that I have given to World Scouting has allowed many people around the world to learn about my approach to leadership and teamwork. I have a core belief that the World Scout Committee exists to be of service and support to NSOs and I will seek to ensure that this is realised through collegiate and collaborative working as well as a strong and effective partnership between the World Scout Committee and World Scout Bureau.

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